Best Video Screen Capture for Mac

Best Video Screen Capture for Mac

Mar 27
Best Video Screen Capture for Mac

A client friend asked me my favorite way to do screen video capture on the Mac, like to show a Keynote/PPT video off, or do instruction on something on your computer (ScreenCasts). Here’s what I use, but it’s getting a bit long in the tooth:

Snapz Pro X HERE


In fact, I think it’s really out of the running today, if for no other reason than using the ‘Z’ in Snapz…


What Ken Would Get (Updated):

If I was starting fresh (and I still might buy it anyway next time I need) I’d get Screenflow: HERE

Nice editing and tweaking after the recording with this one.


Voila’ HERE (which also works for normal screen still capture and keeps you organized)

Camtasia HERE

iShow U HERE

New, Less expensive and you can put a fancy background in Sound Stage HERE. iOS developers will also like that it will show of their iOS apps as lovely, easy demos.


Dirty little secret… if you ever needed to get a Flash video or DVD clip recorded so you can use it again offline, you can do it this way, using screen capture video.


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